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For any questions pertaining to this application, please contact: Jeremy Serna (

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I don't know or have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
Answer: You can request a password reset by visiting this page.

Question: The dates/times associated with my submitted material seem to be a few hours off. Why is this?
Answer: This happens when we are unaware of your local timezone. Please set your timezone in your account settings page.

Question: My school list is not correct, how do I fix it?
Answer: Your list of schools was created by us based on the information that we have for your organization. It is not possible for you to modify this list yourself. If you have concerns about your list of schools please reach out to Jeremy Serna as soon as possible (
Question: I need to grant access to an additional user, how do I do that?
Answer: Your submission includes an optional task that allows you to add additional users to your submission. If you encounter any problems using this feature please reach out to Jeremy Serna (
Question: Can I stop and resume my submission later?
Answer: Of course! You can always save your work and return later. In fact, we encourage you to submit your information as it becomes available. This will expedite processing of your information.
Question: I completed my submission but I need to change something. What do I do?
Answer: You always have the ability to modify your submission after you have completed it. Simply return to your submission and click "Edit" on any task that you need to modify. Your existing submission will be there and you can modify it as needed.
Question: How will you know if my submission is complete?
Answer: Our analytics team is actively monitoring submissions on a regular basis. We have procedures in place to track submissions as they are in progress and completed. We are also actively reviewing submissions for accuracy to ensure that our records are complete and accurate.
Question: Do I have to use the financial template? Our data is available in other formats, can I just submit that?
Answer: Our primary goal is to always ensure that we support you in whatever way we can. We encourage you to use the template as this allows us to process your information in the most efficient manner but if you have questions or concerns about using the template feel free to reach out to us to discuss.
Question: Is there some way I can know what we need to submit before I start using the portal?
Answer: Of course, you can review the data points and material we are asking for by consulting this document: Data Overview
Question: I need help with something that isn't listed here, what should I do?
Answer: Our primary goal is to always ensure that we support you in whatever way we can. If you ever need any assistance with your submission you are welcome to reach out to Jeremy Serna at Alternatively, you may reach out to your relationship manager for assistance.


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